How do we use the information?

In order to provide services we have to use certain personal data. In order to process personal data there has to be support in applicable data protection regulations, known as a legal basis. Which means we’re only able to process your personal data if it’s necessary to fulfill the agreement with you, or to fulfill a legal obligation for Telia Finance. The processing of your personal data is also allowed after a balancing of interests, or after you have given your consent to the specific processing for a particular purpose. Here you can see the purposes for which we process your personal data and the legal basis pursuant to which this data is processed.


Purpose of processing

Legal basis

Provision of services
We process personal data in order to identify you as a customer
or user and to manage and deliver orders in accordance with the
agreement we have with you. We also process personal data in
order to receive payment for services used, for handling invoices
and payments, for credit check purposes, to remedy errors and
deal with other incidents and for dealing with complaints and claims.
Performance of contract
Other communication on services
We process personal data related to your communication with
us, e.g. when we send information about our services and get in
touch with you on issues relating to our services.
Legitimate interest to maintain
customer relationship and to provide
services related to the contract with you
Development of services
We process personal data in order to develop and manage our
business, ser- vices and processes. For instance, if you call our
customer service team, the call may be recorded. This is done
so that we can train our staff, improve our voice responses and
the way we work in order to help you as effectively as possible.
We may also compile statistics for this purpose in order to meet
analysis needs.
Legitimate interestto monitor,
maintain, and improve our services
Direct marketing
We process various types of personal data so that we can
market our own and/or local Telia companies’ products and
services  directly to you. We always ask your consent to
direct marketing when that is required under applicable laws.
You may receive marketing in the post, over the phone, by
text message or by email.

Legitimate interest or consent
to market our products and
services or consent

Information security and prevention of improper
use of services
We process personal data with a view to ensuring the security
of all our services, and to detect or prevent various types of
illegal use or use that contravenes the terms of service in some
other way. We also process this data in order to prevent
improper use of services and to detect and prevent fraud, etc.

Performance of contract 

Compliance with laws
We process personal data with the view to meeting our
statutory obligations, for example, in the area of anti-money
laundering and terrorism prevention laws.

Legal obligation