Here you can find the answers to the most common questions

Is insurance included when I lease?

All-risk insurance can always be included in our leasing solutions. This insurance means  equipment is repaired quickly or replaced. Best of all – this applies throughout the agreement period and is not affected by any depreciation in the value of the equipment.

Can I exchange equipment when I want to?

If your operations change, we can adjust the agreement to suit your new circumstances. Furthermore, you can upgrade or gradually exchange the equipment within the framework of the agreement. This allows you to keep up with technical developments without difficulty. An upgrade of your communication platform does not have to affect your ongoing operating costs. We simply adjust the agreement period to make the cost level suit your budget.

Can I have get invoices specified by currency or cost center?

Of course – invoices are adapted according to your needs.

What happens to old equipment that is returned?

All equipment is taken care of in an environmentally correct manner by our environmentally certified partners.
All data is completely erased. The equipment is then sold, used for spare parts or recycled.

Is it possible to have invoice-free periods, such as during closures or periods of limited activity?

This can be resolved depending on the circumstances of the individual case – many schools, for example, receive no funds during the summer months and their invoicing is therefore adjusted so the relevant costs are spread over other parts of the year.

What is the difference between operational and financial leasing?

In simple terms, operational leasing can be said to resemble "normal renting". The equipment remains the property of the lessor, has a residual value, is generally returned at the end of the lease period and can then be sold. The result is a lower leasing cost. In financial leasing, there is normally very little or no residual value at the end of the lease period and the cost of the equipment is paid off in its entirety over the lease period.

Telia Finance is able to offer both alternatives.

How does Sale & LeaseBack work?

If you already own a technical platform and want to free up capital, budget efficiently and avoid being stuck with outdated products, Sale & LeaseBack is an excellent option. Telia Finance buys your equipment at its book value or at a reasonable market value. You then lease back the entire technical infrastructure at a low monthly charge over a payment period of your choice. The payment period is normally equivalent to the planned useful life of the equipment remaining from the original time of delivery. An example:

  • 24 months ago, you acquired a unit whose useful life you estimated to be five years.
  • A suitable payment period for the lease agreement is 36 months (five years minus 24 months).