Use your drawers for something other than old phones

We all know the nostalgic feeling when you open a drawer and find an old mobile phone. All the fond memories of text messages sent and phone calls made.

Today, mobile phones play an even more central role in our lives. They're getting smarter than many computers, life cycles are shorter and there's a bigger need to keep up with development. That's why we're offering an increasing number of services dealing with your mobile phones and other technology when you're finished using them.

One important element of the Telia Finance lease offering is that we will help you upgrade from your old hardware. When it's time for a change, we'll take care of your used equipment – what is usually known as life cycle management – and provide you with new, up-to-date products.  

We use Telia Asset Hub, our asset management tool, to give you an overview of all the mobile phones, tablets, and computers leased by your company. You can link users to different devices and distribute costs among departments and users.

Telia Asset Hub can also help you to manage the return process when your agreement expires. This is coordinated with the delivery of any new equipment, and the items you return undergo secure information deletion and eco-friendly recycling. We work together with trusted partners to create a more sustainable environment while also guaranteeing protection for your corporate information, read more here.

Visit Telia Asset Hub here.

New life for end-of-life equipment

When you lease equipment through Telia Finance, you can be sure that your old IT equipment will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. First, the products are reconditioned by our environmentally accredited partners and turned into spare parts. This allows us to minimize our environmental impact. The processes and working method for our environmental work are constantly being monitored and fine-tuned so that we maximize the value of all the used equipment.

Security first

When we receive equipment from you, the first thing we do is make sure that any information remaining on the equipment is managed correctly. All data is deleted and memory circuits are cleared before reconditioning products. The aim is to make sure that no information ends up in the wrong hands. We use world-leading, certified software from Blancco and Ibas to delete data.