The more secure the lease, the better! Leasing is essentially about making life as problem-free as possible. This is why we safeguard your equipment in the majority of our agreements by means of affordable comprehensive insurance.

Information January 2017
As of 1 January 2017 we will change the Insurance provider as well as the Administrator of claims. ‘Telia försäkring AB’ is our new provider of insurances and the administrator of claims is ‘Willis Towers Watson’. All the old and new claims shall as of that date be reported using new points of contact. Submission of claims will primarily be managed through a new web template. The e-mail address and the telephone contact is also new, please find this information below. .

The most important benefits of this are:

  • Simplicity, because the cost of your insurance is included in the lease.
  • Simple management in the event of a claim.
  • You don't need to use your corporate insurance because the claim will be covered by your Telia Finance's policy.
  • Low excess compared to your corporate insurance policy.
  • No depreciation on account of age.
  • Fast claim settlement.

Valid insurance terms and conditions

Below you will find the valid insurance terms and conditions for the equipment included in your agreement and covered by the insurance. The terms and conditions are presented by country and language. If you think the terms and conditions applicable to you are missing or if you have any other questions, kindly contact us at

Insurance terms and conditions are provided for the following equipment classes:

1. Stationary IT and telecom equipment (PBX) Terms and conditions

2. PC and office equipment (for example, printers, copying machines, video conference equipment, digital signs, headsets for mobile and office telecommunication, permanently installed alarms and surveillance equipment) Terms and conditions

3. IT equipment used for educational purposes Terms and conditions

4. Mobile IT (mobile telephone, tablets, IT equipment mounted in vehicles) Terms and conditions

5. Other equipment Terms and conditions


New points of contacts as of 1 January 2017


Claims are submitted as agreed in the relevant agreement or with the respective sales channel. If no specific agreement has been made, claims can be submitted at


Phone: +468 5870 9591


Phone: +47 21 01 28 28


Phone: +358 9 6226 8742 (to be used 1-11 jan)
Phone: +358 9 6226 8760


Phone: +370 5 250 2850