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Customer complaints

Telia Finance strives for continuous improvement and quality assurance of the company's products and services and as part of this, Telia Finance always take customer complaints and customer opinions very seriously. In order to efficiently and attentively assess any discontent, Telia Finance have adopted a complaints management policy which follows the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's general guidelines regarding complaints management for consumers.

Telia Finance's Complaints Manager is the Head of Legal.

If you have a complaint
Firstly, we ask you to contact the customer service in your country - they are happy to help you with any questions or misunderstandings and may take your opinions further. The contact information to our local customer services are stated in the purple boxes above.

I'm a private person who have contacted customer service, but I'm still discontent, what should I do?
If you are discontent despite the contact with our customer service, write us a complaint by choosing the category "Customer complaints" at this form.

Based on the information in this form, Telia Finance will make a new assessment of your complaint.

All complaints are handled in an objective and careful way and our aim is to answer your complaint as quickly as possible, but we may need some time to make a decision. We will keep you informed and get back to you regarding the handling of your complaint within 14 days.

External guidance and advise
If you are a private person, you may receive guidance and advise from local authorities. Furthermore, if you are discontent with our decision you always have the possibility to bring your errand to your local General Court or National Institution for Complaints.

Please find more guidance and contact information under the local pages.