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Use the link below to find all contact details for the Swedish market.
Use the link below to find all contact details for the Finnish market.
Use the link below to find all contact details for the Danish market.
Use the link below to find all contact details for the Norwegian market.

Comments and Complaints

The aim of Telia Finance is continuous improvement and quality assurance of the company’s products and services. An important aspect of this is to always take the customer’s complaints and comments very seriously. In order to quickly and objectively investigate potential disagreements we have a special policy for handling customer’s complaints in accordance with the FSA’s (Financial Supervisory Authority) general advise regarding complaint’s management.

If you’re not satisfied
We ask that you start by contacting our customer service. They’re happy to respond to questions (invoice questions, payment questions) or misunderstandings that may have arised and are able to forward your opinions.

Sweden - Consumer

Credit account: +46 771-583000 

Fiber loan, Öppen Fiber: +46 771-883050


Contact us for Fiber loan questions

Sweden - Enterprise

+ 46 771-883050

Contact us for Enterprise questions

Finland - Consumer

Credit Account, Rahoitus: +358 20 690 400
Fiber loan, Joustava Lasku: fi-support@teliafinance.com / +358 20 402

Finland - Enterprise

b2b-rahoitus@teliacompany.com / +358 20 402

Norway - Consumer

kundeservice@onecall.no / +47-47944444

Norway - Enterprise

+46 771-883050

Contact us

Denmark - Consumer

kundepleje@telia.dk / +4580 40 40 40

I’ve contacted your customer service with a complaint, but I’m still not satisfied. What should I do?
If you’re still not satisfied we recommend that you send a written request for processing to our complaint’s manager. The compaint’s manager will then, in an unbiased manner, thoroughly review the matter and make a new assessment.

The information included in the written request should be complete. The complaint’s manager needs to know what’s happened when you’ve been in contact with us previously as well as a description of why you’re not satisfied. You’ll receive a response as soon as a final decision has been made.

Bear in mind that our complaint’s manager only review matters that have been handled by our customer service. In order for our complaint’s manager to review your complaint you’ll have to fill out information on the form using this link.

If we disagree
If you’re not satisfied after we’ve handled your matter your matter can be heard by:
General court of law in your country or, when applicable, a national instution for complaints. Please read further under the local page at this site by going into Contacts and scroll down to the Complaints section. There you can also find general guidance regarding your matter.