Credit Account Q&A

What can I buy on credit?
Telia Finance's Credit Account is a flexible payment solution. It allows you to buy equipment such as mobile phones and tablet devices from your operator on credit.

Where and how can I pay with credit?
You can buy equipment at your operator's available sales channels.

How can I get credit?
You can make a credit application easily and quickly when buying a device. You will be informed of the credit decision immediately, and your credit account will be valid until further notice.
Credit can be granted to a person who is at least 18 years old and has a valid personal identity number, a national identity card, and a registered address in the operator's country. The conditions for the grant of credit are that your credit information should be checked and the terms of credit accepted.

Do I get a credit card if I am granted credit?
You do not need a credit card to buy devices on credit. When you shop through your operator's sales channels, we will verify your identity by means of a valid identity card. In online shops your identity will be verified with online banking codes.

What are the costs of the credit?
You will be informed of the interest (at present 0%) and other costs when buying a device. The interest rate depends on the interest situation at the time of purchase, and the costs are as indicated on the price list valid at that particular time. Additional information regarding fees and interests can be found below on this page under Rates and fees.

How much do I need to pay per month?
The invoice indicates the minimum amount to be repaid per month, plus the due date of the invoice. However, if you wish, you can pay more than the minimum monthly instalment indicated on the invoice, which will shorten the repayment period and/or reduce the monthly instalment of the last invoice. You can also repay the full credit in one go at any point during the agreement period.

How is the minimum monthly instalment determined?
When you purchase a device or devices, you select a repayment period, on the basis of which the minimum monthly instalment is also determined. The maximum repayment period is 36 months. When new purchases are charged to your credit account, they increase the minimum monthly instalment by the minimum monthly instalment agreed on in connection with the purchase.
The invoice includes information about your purchase and the minimum amount to pay each month.

The invoice shows all account transactions during the previous invoicing period: e.g. new purchases, repayments made, and any reminder charges or penalty interests. If interest costs are included in the invoice, they are determined on a daily basis based on the total amount of your credit.

Can I pay extra? Can I pay more than what the invoice shows?
You can make an extra repayment whenever you want; just use the reference number indicated on the invoice. In addition, you can always pay a larger amount than the minimum monthly instalment when paying your normal invoice, or you can even pay the whole credit.

Why do I receive invoices and other letters from Telia Finance?
The operator offers their customers the Telia Finance Credit Account service, where the customer makes an agreement with Telia Finance. The devices bought on credit are invoiced by the Telia Finance branch.

Where and how can I view my total credit?
An invoice sent to you on a monthly basis indicates your credit total at the beginning and end of the invoicing period and includes all transactions affecting the credit total. You can also view the same information in our online service, which can be reached via your operator's website. There you can also find your earlier invoices.

How can I access the online service?
The online service is available to the operator’s customers via single sign-on from the operator's self-service.

How do I change my contact information?
You can change your billing or e-mail address online. If your name or official address changes, please contact your operator's customer service. Please note that we cannot send invoices to countries other than your operator's. If you live abroad temporarily, select either e-mail invoice or e-invoice as the invoicing option. Please note that local deviations regarding distribution methods might exist.

Why do I get a paper invoice when I previously registered for an e-invoice?
Even if you’ve previously registered for e-invoice, when you make a new purchase and open a new Credit Account, you will first need to terminate the e-invoice, and then reapply for e-invoice through your bank.

How do I change the invoicing option?
If you opt for e-mail invoices, you can change the distribution type in the online service under invoice settings. E-mail invoices are free of charge.
If you want us to send your invoices directly to your web bank, you should make an agreement at your own web bank. E-invoices are free of charge.
If you do not change the distribution type, we will send your invoices to your legal address. Paper invoices are subject to a delivery charge (the first invoice is free of charge and is always sent by post). Please note that local deviations regarding distribution methods might exist.

Can I view my earlier invoices and an account statement of my personal transactions?
The invoice always includes an account statement and the total credit you have used. You can view your earlier invoices in our online service, which can be reached via your operator's website.

How much credit can I have, and can I get more?
Your creditworthiness is assessed when you buy on credit for the first time, and the assessment might be updated from time to time. The amount of credit is determined based on the preferred credit limit selected, the assessment of creditworthiness, and the payment history.

Can I return a product paid with credit?
If you have bought the product in a shop, the merchant’s policy for returns and the warranty on the product will apply. If the return is accepted, your credit account will be credited, and you can see the credited amount on the online service website and on your next invoice (if your invoicing continues because of another device, for example).

A product I have bought on credit is malfunctioning. What should I do?
Contact the merchant or customer service. But first please check the merchant’s website for instructions concerning servicing and repair.

How do I terminate my credit agreement?
You are entitled to terminate your credit agreement within 14 days from the conclusion of the agreement. After this you can terminate your credit agreement (and close your account) when you have repaid your credit in full. You can do that at any time in the online service or through our customer service. The notice of termination should be submitted in writing, and the period of notice is one month. No separate confirmation is sent on the closing of the credit account.
If the credit agreement is rescinded or the credit is repaid on an accelerated schedule, no extra costs are charged.

Can I transfer my credit to someone else?
It is not possible to transfer the credit to another person. Nor is it possible to acknowledge credit as received on behalf of another person.

Can I withdraw cash?
You can use your credit only to buy devices, not for example to pay for other telecommunications services or to withdraw cash from the credit account. If the balance of your credit account is positive because of an overpayment or a refund, you can withdraw the positive balance through our customer service.