Credit Account Q&A

About pay in parts with Telia Finance

What can I pay in parts with Telia Finance? 
You can pay for hardware and accessories.

What does it cost to pay in parts with Telia Finance?
We offer an interest free credit. The only additional cost might be an invoice fee, but the first invoice is free of charge. We have listed each country’s invoicing cost on our local pages.  

How much credit can I get?
We do a credit check based on the total purchase amount. Your credit limit will correspond with an amount close to your purchase. If you want to see an example, visit our local pages. 

Can I increase my current credit limit?
Yes, as long as your credit limit is lower than the maximum credit limit offered in the country where you want to pay in parts with Telia Finance. If you want to see the credit limits offered in each country, visit our local pages. 

We carry out a new credit check when increasing limits. 

Can I have different payment plans?
Yes, with each purchase you decide if you want to pay in parts, for example, over 12, 24, or 36 months. We divide the total amount with your payment plans which becomes the minimum monthly amount to pay.

Application and credit check 

What requirements do I need to meet to pay in parts with Telia Finance?
You need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid personal identity number, ID-card, and be registered at an address in the country where you can pay in parts with Telia Finance. 

Why does Telia Finance perform a credit check?
Telia Finance is obligated to perform a credit check, for example to ensure that you have the financial ability to repay the credit. We perform a credit check when you want to pay a purchase in parts for the first time or when you want to increase the credit limit you’ve previously been granted. As a part of the credit check, we obtain a credit report. The credit report is obtained from our local partners but is not shared with external companies/registers and therefore has no negative impact on your creditworthiness.  

Invoice questions

Why do I receive a separate invoice from Telia Finance?
You’ll receive one invoice for the products you pay in part from Telia Finance. The invoice for subscriptions is sent separately from your operator. 

How do I read my invoice?
In our invoice guide, we explain the different parts of the invoice in detail. You’ll find it on My pages.

Payment and reminders

How much do I need to pay each month?
Your invoice shows the current month’s minimum amount to pay. We divide the total amount for each individual purchase with the number of months chosen at the time of purchase. If you've made several purchases, these are combined to a monthly cost. 

Can I pay more than the minimum amount on my invoice?
Yes, you can Pay extra free of charge at any time to reduce the time for your repayment.

Can I reduce the time of my payment plan? 
Yes, by paying a higher amount each month. 

Have you received an SMS about your Telia Finance invoice?
We’ll send you a payment reminder via SMS in connection with your invoice’s due date. Pay the invoice you recently received immediately. If you’ve made a payment in the past few days, you can ignore the reminder. 

What fees are added to an unpaid invoice?
If you don’t pay your invoice on time, you’ll receive a reminder invoice with additional fees. If you want to see the fees for an unpaid invoice in each country, visit our local pages.

Returns and terminating your account 

Can I return a product?
Yes, as long as you follow the merchant’s policy for returns. Contact your operator or reseller’s customer service. 

How do I close my account with Telia Finance? 
You can close your account under My account. To close your account, you first have to pay the outstanding amount. There are no additional fees added. Bear in mind that it takes about 2-3 banking days before your payment has been registered with us.

Other questions

Where can I manage my account?
Sign in to My pages to manage your account, see your total debt, pay your invoices, change the invoice method, and get more information about your purchases and payments. Here you can also change your phone number and e-mail. 

Why doesn't Telia Finance specify VAT? 
Pay in parts with Telia Finance is a revolving credit account. When you pay for a loan or credit, VAT is not charged, and therefore, a confirmation of that type of payment can’t serve as a basis for VAT. The VAT should be specified in the documentation (receipt) of the purchase that was provided at the time of purchase. This documentation can also be used for any VAT reporting. Since the operator or reseller sells the hardware that you’ve chosen to pay in parts with Telia Finance, we can’t provide documentation for the purchase. However, you can request the documentation from your operator or reseller.