Smartphones, tablets and other personal tech are making our lives smarter, easier – and not least, more fun. With Telia Finance, you get the latest tech with the best payment solution.


You can buy all the latest and best technology from Telia – it's easily accessible in the channels you're accustomed to using daily. And now we're expanding your options even more with a completely new payment method.

Our Credit Account service ensures that you are always the one making the decisions, regardless of whether you want to buy a new mobile phone for the family or a new printer for your home office. Or why not extend your network of wireless speakers? One complicated invoice has now become two invoices – one for all the technology, from phones, handsets to TVs, and one for all your subscriptions. This makes it easy to see what you're paying for, and you can always decide when you want to make a final payment for a product or service you've purchased.

One exciting new feature is that we now can offer you flexible payment if you've decided to install domestic fiber services. Or maybe this is what will be the decisive factor for you? Nevertheless, the threshold for buying the fastest, most stable network has now been lowered significantly.

Pay back your fiber to household, bit by bit

A whole new world of opportunity opens up when you install fiber in your home. No more waiting, no lag, no limits to the content you choose to interact with. But this kind of installation is a fairly large investment. Until recently, you had to pay a large lump sum, making this option less attractive to many people. Now more people can install fiber through our flexible payment solution.


Every little helps

Credit Account is easier, smarter and cheaper.