Telia Finance is a small company within a large organisation.

We are a closely knit team of about 100 people who work flexibly and purposefully towards resolving customers' problems. Being a part of Telia Company gives us a secure base and provides us with opportunities far beyond those normally enjoyed by small finance companies. Together, we help our customers make the transition to the next generation telecom solutions!

Telia Finance Management team

Telia Finance Board

Organisational chart


How Telia Finance organises and governs operations

Management group

The management team consists of the CEO, CMO, Sales Director Enterprise, Head of Consumer, HR Manager, Credit Manager, Head of Legal, Chief Operation Officer/Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer, CFO and Head of Business Development.

Management team

  • decides, manages and follows up long-term and overarching strategic issues such as business plans and budgets, business issues of a strategic nature and policy issues
  • shapes values and cultural leadership for Telia Finance
  • ensures that Telia Finance as a whole pulls in the same direction
  • is a forum for other common issues
  • makes decisions regarding transactions that deviate from the standard

Appointment of board members

When appointing board members the company is to take into account a broad set of qualifications and knowledge, and for this purpose is to have a policy promoting board diversity. The company strives to utilize competence, differences and experience.

When making appointments, the person's educational and professional background is taken into account with the aim to satisfy a range of criteria, such as age, gender and geographic origin. The company is also to consider the person's knowledge of the financial market, risks, compliance, internal control, familiarity with the company's products and services, and knowledge of the company's clients and the products they finance. In this manner, the company promotes independent views and critical questions.

The board is to possess this knowledge. However, this knowledge can be distributed between various board members and is not required of each individual member.


Telia Finance has clear remuneration policies, instructions and processes, securing sound remuneration structures throughout the organization.


Telia Finance’s remuneration structure

Telia Finance has a remuneration structure that recognizes the importance of well-balanced but differentiated remuneration structures, based on business and local market needs, as well as the importance of being consistent with and promoting sound and efficient risk management not encouraging excessive risk-taking and short-term profits or counteracting Telia Finance’s long-term interests.

The aim with the remuneration structure is to both support the ability to attract and retain talents in every position as well as support equal and fair treatment, but also to ensure that remuneration in Telia Finance is aligned with efficient risk management and compliant with existing regulations.

Telia Finance’s Board has confirmed this in the adopted Remuneration Policy, which is revised when it is necessary, at least annually.


Statement of remuneration in Telia Finance in accordance with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's regulatory framework

Here you find Telia Finance’s annual statements according to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s regulatory framework (only available in Swedish).

Årlig information om ersättningar 2018


Remuneration to the Board of Directors, the CEO and the Management Team

The Annual General Meeting decides on the Board member’s fees in accordance with Swedish law. It is Telia Finance’s Board that prepares proposals for the Annual General Meeting regarding these remunerations. At present, no fees are paid to the Board members.

Telia Finance Board decides on remuneration to the CEO, other members of the Management Team and the Heads of Risk Control and Compliance, following proposals from the specifically appointed Board member.