Telia Finance- a unique service in the industry

Today it's becoming increasingly important to have access to the right technology at the right time. But things also have to work financially if new investments are to be made. This is often where we find the biggest obstacle preventing people from keeping up with the rapid technology development.

Telia Finance is an independent company acting as a finance engine for Telia Company, one of the world's biggest telecoms operators with more than 185 million customers and 21,000 employees. Telia Company has a global presence operating mainly in the Nordic and Baltic markets. This gives us opportunities to offer innovative and competitive finance solutions on your terms. Basically, we want to make it possible for all Telia Company's customers to find exactly the right solutions to suit their telecom requirements both now and in the future.

To keep up with the development it is highly important that we internally as a company also keep the pace. At Telia Finance we work with continuous improvements related to our processes and ways of working. Our customers, Telia and we ourselves consider sustainable business of high importance- that we also add value to the environment. We have therefore since long back focused on the entire lifecycle of products. Hence, old computers and mobile phones are managed in an environmentally friendly way. The huge engagement in the environment and the work with continuous improvement have been acknowledged and awarded with both ISO 14000 and ISO 9001.


our purpose and values

Telia Finance shares its values and ambitions with the Telia Company. The values define who we are as a company and what we're striving to become. We're driven by passion, innovation and simplicity, helping our customers to make the transition to next generation telecom solutions. All this is reflected in our brand promise: "We make the transformation towards the new Telco business models possible".



Telia Finance is a small company within a large organisation.



What you believe in, dream of, value and strive for sit at the very core of what we promise our people and how we do business. We are led by a clear common purpose and a strong set of values. We know our people want the responsibility to pursue their own path towards their next big opportunity; to be part of a workplace where they feel a strong sense of belonging; and access to great people, tools and technology that will create opportunities for impact in the societies in which we operate.