Pay back your fiber to household, bit by bit

A whole new world of opportunity opens up when you install fiber in your home. No more waiting, no lag, no limits to the content you choose to interact with. But this kind of installation is a fairly large investment. Until recently, you had to pay a large lump sum, making this option less attractive to many people. Now more people can install fiber through our flexible payment solution.

With Part Payment you can divide your payment over 60 months. You can pay more each month and reduce your loan quicker, and you can repay the loan at any time by paying the outstanding amount.

How does it work?
You pay nothing until your fiber services have been installed. When you receive the invoice – roughly two to four weeks after installation – you decide whether you want to pay the entire amount at once, or use Part Payment. You simply make your choice by paying either the entire amount or the specified Part Payment amount listed on your invoice. Couldn’t be easier than that. We carry out a standard credit check on everyone who orders Open Fiber. This offer is currently available on the Swedish market only.

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Fiber to household is offered on the Swedish market.


How do I apply for a loan?
You do this on the order form when you place your order for Open Fiber.

Who can apply for the loan?
Anyone ordering Open Fiber – in other words the property owner.

What is the term of the loan?
60 months.

What is the monthly cost of the loan, and what interest rate applies?
This information is provided in the Open Fiber offer we've sent you.

Are there any additional charges?
We will charge you a billing fee of SEK 29 per hardcopy bill unless you select e-billing via your online bank.

When does the loan start to run?
You will receive monthly bills once the Open Fiber has been supplied to you.

Can I receive the money myself?
No, the money is used to pay the supplier.

Can I pay back the entire loan in advance?
Yes, you can.

What happens if I move?
The loan is personal to you. When you move from the house where the fiber is installed, for example, you can pay off the loan and include any remaining debt as part of the sale of the property.

Will I undergo a credit check?
Yes. A standard credit check will be carried out by Sergel Kredittjänster within a few weeks of your order at the latest. A copy of the credit information found will then be sent to you by mail.

What happens if I am not granted a loan?
If your loan application is rejected, you will receive a one-time bill requesting advance payment. If we do not receive your payment by the due date, we will cancel your delivery and the agreement will be terminated.

Can you bill my company?
Our agreement is always with the property owner, not with the company. If the property owner is a legal entity, we will bill that legal entity.

We do no not offer autogiro but you do have the possibility to choose e-invoice with a monthly automatic withdrawal from your account.
You can order e-invoice through your internet bank by searching for Telia Finance Fiber loan as a company. When choosing e-invoice you are not charged an administration fee.

Would you like to receive your invoice electronically?
We do of course offer e-invoice instead of receiving your invoice by mail for this loan.
You can order e-invoice through your internet bank by searching for Telia Finance Fiber loan as a company. When choosing e-invoice you are not charged an administration fee.

Would you like to pay off your loan faster?
We offer you the possibility to pay off an extra part of your loan at any time.
On your monthly invoice the total debt prior to that payment is clearly specified. You can easily pay the amount you prefer using the same OCR-number and bank giro stated on that invoice. The OCR-number is the same every month for the entire payment plan.

Can I transfer the loan?
No that is not possible. The loan is personal.