Rental rules!

No matter corporate structure, we have a payment solution for you. New, smarter payment methods are just one of the reasons why leasing is better than ownership. For instance, we’re supplementing our leasing solutions with an extensive, cost-effective recycling system.

Then your company will have a complete and transparent system for purchasing, payment and return of everything IT-related.

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Our Offerings

The right technology at the right time with just the right level of investment. When it comes to payment solutions, we can help you with anything from framework agreements and insurance to leasing mobile phones and life cycle management. Or, in other words, if you have a tech need, we have a payment method to match!


Use your drawers for something other than old phones

We all know the nostalgic feeling when you open a drawer and find an old mobile phone. All the fond memories of text messages sent and phone calls made.


Fiber For Property Owners

Future-proofed properties with fiber.